Outgoing Staff

Lt Col SB Malagi, Adm Officer, Jan 2017 (Posted Out)

Mr. S Benerjee, Master (Biology), Nov 2016


Mr. SD Dwivedi, Asst. Master (Mathematics), July 2016

Mr. JN Satapathy, Asst Master (Chemistry), 30 Nov 2015



Mr. GS Chauhan, Master(Computer) & Mr. Vimal Mehta, Music Teacher : 24.03.2015


Mr. James Kutty, UDC,Retirement 29.11.2014

Mr. T C Das, Hostel Superintendent

Mr. TC Das motivated the cadets by sharing his valuable experience and inspiring thoughts during the farewell dinner and special assembly on the eve and his retirement from service.


He also presented gifts to outstanding cadets to motivate them during farewell dinner. He also presented a Cheque to the school which could be used to motivate the Academic Topper(Class XI) and Topper in Social Science(Class X).


Dr. RS Sanguri, Retirement 30.04.2014


Dr. BH Kalola, School Medical Officer, Retirement 31.03.2014


Mr. Navinchandra Girijashankar Jani, Asst Master ( Gujarati), Retirement 31.01.2014

Mr.Ramesh, PTI


Mr. Madanlal, Gen Employee


Mr. Govind Kanani, Gen Employee