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Duties & Responsibility

The parents are requested to adhere to the following Do's and Don'ts

  1. Visit the School on Visitor's Day and meet the Class Teacher to discuss academic performance
  2. Monitor the academic progress of your son/ward and sign in the Report Card held with the Class Teacher after every FA/SA
  3. Ask permission through letter (FAX) / over the phone before visiting the school on unscheduled days.
  4. Take prior permission through FAX to visit on Birthdays between 1400 hrs and 1530 hrs at the School.
  5. Carry Visitor's card.
  6. Park your vehicle in the area earmarked.
  7. Pay fee in time.
  8. During vacation, insist on your son / ward
    • Speaking in English
    • Reading books
    • Dressing smartly (wearing shoes)
    • Studying regularly

  1. Don't argue with the Staff including the Hostel Superintendents and Security Guard.
  2. Don't apply leave on non-genuine grounds.
  3. Don't bring back son / ward late to the school after vacation / break.
  4. Don't courier / send eatable, electronic items, medicines etc to your son.
  5. Don't leave electronic items, expensive articles and cash with son/ ward.
  6. Don't enter the dormitories, MI Room and other restricted areas without permission of the Registrar, Headmaster / Principal
  7. Don't litter: Don't throw plastic or other wrapper in and around the school campus.

Acts Of Indiscipline
  • Misdemeanor/ misbehavior with any staff member/ employee.
  • Resorting to any kind of intimidation/ damage of school/ house property.
  • Resorting to an act of oppression on younger cadets (exploitation) by any means.
  • Being absent from school/ house without permission by authorities concerned.
  • Creating any disorder/ indiscipline in the school/ house involving other cadets resulting in any kind of group demonstration/ protest.
  • Breaking laws of punctuality, applicable throughout the year.
  • Breaking laws of obedience, applicable all the times.
  • Breaking/ violation of standing orders issued by authorities concerned.
  • Misleading/ misguiding information given to any staff member/ employee/ cadet.
  • Suppression of facts in any case.
  • Violation of code of discipline, as applicable at various venues viz. mess, school, playground, prerp and ante room(over all in school).
  • Possessing any such material/ goods which is prohibited.
  • Misuse of any authority whether given on rotation basis, temporarily or for a given period of time.
  • Any means and ways which reflects protection to any cadet(s) indulging in any act of indiscipline.
  • Any other act of indiscipline as adjudged by the concerned authorities at their discretion.
  • Non-cooperation to school orders/ routines/ staff.
  • Rude/ impolite behavior or stubbornness in attitude in complying with school orders.
  • Impersonation or forging of signature/ documents.
  • Stealing money or article of others.
  • Using abusive/ derogatory languages.
  • Overstaying after leave/ vacation.
  • Instigation others to violate/ disobey rules.
  • Convene others to violate/ disobey rules.
  • Conspiring disobedience.
  • Indulging/ attempting to in UFM in examination.
  • Helping / Trying to help others in UFM.
  • Transacting money with unauthorized persons.
  • Leaving the school campus without prior permission.
  • Going to/ visiting places which are out of bounds.
  • Stealing/ attempting to seal any school property.
  • Willful negligence of duty.
  • Trying to suppress/ conceal useful information.
  • Raging in any form.
  • Any act of indiscipline outside the school that would bring disgrace to the school.
  • Habit of frequent borrowing.
  • Habit of intentional and persistent lying.
  • Spreading feeling of casteism. regionalism etc.
  • Creating groupism and bad blood among students.
  • Denying other's right to study.
  • Not bringing study materials to classes.

Withdrawal From The School
Following acts on part of the students may result in their withdrawal from the school without any previous warning.
  1. Stealing, cheating or impersonation
  2. Ill treatment to other cadets, ragging in any form and manhandling
  3. Malpractices during exams
  4. Misbehaviors with any of the staff members
  5. Smoking and other indecent acts
  6. Failure in exams
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